Athlete and Parent Expectations


  • Do your best to make every practice and be on time.
  • Arrive at practice ready to listen, work hard and learn.
  • Be supportive of all athletes on your team.
  • Show respect for coaches, officials, teammates and opponents.
  • Learn the rules and always compete by them.
  • Use only appropriate language around the club events.
  • Conduct your actions to promote sportsmanship.
  • Athletes do not leave the premises of track meets or practices (even with parents) without informing a coach.
  • ABSOLUTELY NO tobacco, drugs or alcoholic beverages are to be in the possession of any team member at any time.
  • Athletes will compete in the designated COTC uniform unless prior approval is received from the Director or Head Coach.
  • During overnight trips a curfew will be set by the Director or Head Coach for each day of a respective stay.
  • Athletes may socialize in designated, approved, chaperoned areas.
  • Athletes are to remain in the confines of the dormitories, hotel, or competition areas unless accompanied by a chaperone or authorized by their respective coach/chaperone to leave.


  • Parents, coaches, adult volunteers, and friends of COTC must be role models for children by conducting themselves as responsible, moral, ethical adults worthy of the respect and emulation of children.
  • Coaches will monitor attendance at practice, at track meets, etc. to provide safety and protection for your children. Parents are to inform appropriate coaching staff if they are removing their child early from a scheduled practice or meet.
  • Parents are responsible for providing transportation for their children to and from practice and picking them up from practice on time. Coaches will not leave the premises of the track until all children are accounted for.
  • Support coaches and officials. Parental interference with coaching will not be tolerated. Parents may discuss their children's training/coaching program with coaches following practice.
  • Parents are to inform the coach of any special needs your child may have.
  • Support the club by volunteering to help with meets and fundraising events
  • Any complaints or disagreements regarding coaches or the club shall be communicated to the COTC Board of Directors. Speaking ill of the club and/or creating dissention among club members will not be tolerated.